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CEO Message

Exon Skipping Therapeutics Company Exon Skipping Therapeutics Company

Ever since the Human Genome Project completed mapping of the human genome in 2003, artificial nucleic acids therapy has emerged as a novel class for drug development. Recently, the artificial nucleic acids therapy has emerged as a novel and promising strategy for the treatment of various disease.

Artificial nucleic acid therapy is an approach to modulate the activity of a disease-causing gene and control the phenotype of the disease using artificial nucleic acids in the cell. Therefore, delivery of the artificial nucleic acids into the cell is the key to successful development of this type of drug. These artificial nucleic acids however are so large in size that intracellular delivery still remains a very difficult technical challenge. For the past 40 to 50 years, many companies have been undergoing numerous research and development for artificial nucleic acids therapy, but only a few drugs have been approved by the US FDA.

OliPass Corporation was established in 2006 to find the key solution in artificial nucleic acids therapy and successfully develop artificial nucleic acids with excellent cell permeability using OliPass Peptide Nucleic Acid (OliPass PNA). Of numerous artificial nucleic acids, Peptide Nucleic Acid (PNA) was modified with OliPass Platform Technology by adding cationic moiety to molecule. This modification not only improved cell permeability, but also the binding affinity to pre-mRNA of the target gene in nucleus. Therapeutic efficacy of OliPass PNA was obtained in in-vitro and in-vivo studies without any special formulation, which OliPass PNA is considered to be a very ideal platform technology for artificial nucleic acids therapy.

We are determined to take full advantage of the innovative OliPass PNA Platform Technology to safely treat diseases, maintain young and healthy beauty and head to the average life expectancy of 100 years.

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